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Indoor Pet Control Cat Dog Containment Eyenimal


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Teach your pet to respect the area or object you want to protect

Do you want to restrict your pet’s access to dangerous places? Access to specific rooms, furniture, or objects?

The Indoor Pet Control is the perfect solution. It helps to train your pet in a positive and harmless way.

Just place the Indoor Pet Control base unit next to the forbidden area and place the tiny radio transmitter on your pet's collar.

When your pet tries to enter the restricted area, the base sends an odorless and harmless spray to keep your pet at a distance.

Or, if you prefer, you can choose to have the base emit a tone when your pet gets too close. Or emit a tone AND spray. This training tool is completely customizable to your pet and your particular training situation. It also allows you to offer progressive training as your pet learns his boundaries.

System includes one collar transmitter, a repulsive base, and an unscented spray.

A single base can operate with an unlimited number of collar transmitters/pets (additional collar transmitters sold separately).

Extra spray refills are also available separately.

Base uses basic user-replaceable C alkaline batteries (not included, but available separately) and boasts a battery life of up to 72 days.

Collar transmitter uses 1 3V, CR2032 Lithium battery (included) and lasts approximately 70 days. This battery is also user-replaceable and available for purchase separately.


  • The spray is safe for your pet, odorless, and doesn’t stain

  • 3 working modes for progressive training : spray only / beep/tone only / beep tone plus spray

  • Base uses 4 user-replaceable LR14 1.5V type C alkaline batteries (not included, but available separately)

  • Detection range from 12" to 23.5"

  • Dimensions of base: 7.5" x 4.9" x 4.9"

  • Collar Transmitter uses 1 user-replaceable 3V, CR2032 Lithium battery (included)

  • Collar Transmitter Dimensions: 1.12" x 0.45"

  • Collar Transmitter Weight (with the battery): 0.27 oz

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