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Camo Padded Case for Astro

Camo Padded Case for Astro


  • 2495

Protective case for 220, 320, or 430 Garmin Astro handheld.
Our own case made specifically to fit the Garmin Astro handheld... You won't believe all the features packed into this handy little case! User-Friendly
  • The clear front panel allows you to view the Astro's screen and activate buttons without removing it from the case.
  • Back panel pocket is great to carry spare batteries (holds 4 AA batteries), key, money, etc. This pocket is secured with a flap and heavy Velco closure.
  • Hidden side slot is intended to hold a spare rubber antenna.
  • Choose Brown/Green Camo pattern or Solid Hunter Orange. Protection & Security
  • Padding on side and back panels adds extra protection to your unit.
  • Heavy Velcro closure along with the quick buckle-snap closure offers double-duty security to keep your Astro firmly in place. Versatility
  • Wear it on your belt with the nylon belt loop.
  • Wear it over your shoulder, across your chest, or around your neck with the handy nylon strap attached by the included metal clip.
  • Fits both the Astro 220 handheld and the Astro 320 handheld.

  • Brown/Green Camo pattern or Solid Hunter Orange
  • Padded
  • Clear front panel screen cover
  • Velcro and buckle-snap closures
  • Extra Battery pocket
  • Spare Antenna slot
  • Metal clip with nylon neck strap
  • Fits Astro 220 and Astro 320

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